Raw Breakfast!

Wow, I have neglected this blog incredibly even though I don’t even have a handfull of posts! I suppose I feel the need to write again as my health and raw foodism have become my main focus again (in regards to veganism). I have somewhat strayed from raw veganism, and although I’ve been still eating a healthy diet, I find I have so much more energy when my raw food intake is near 75% of what I eat.
Anyway, on to breakfast! Today I had a protein smoothie along with raw vegan pancakes. I don’t eat regular pancakes anymore, so I was excited to come across a recipe for raw pancakes while perusing my various cookbooks.

Raw Vegan Pancakes

Haha, they kind of look like veggieburgers! Don’t worry; they’re definitely not veggieburgers, as they are quite sweet! I didn’t finish these because my smoothie filled me up, but they’ll definitely make a good post-yoga snack. Speaking of yoga, today I will be trying out a different studio and a different type of yoga. As I previously wrote, I am addicted to bikram yoga; today I’m trying out ashtanga for the first time. I’ll probably write about it in my next post. 🙂

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